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The Plastic Collage (or Fresk)

Inspired by the famous Climate Fresk which already reached more than 1,6 millions people around the world, the Plastic Collage is an interactive workshop aiming to give the basics about plastics, its possible fate when it becomes a waste, the difficulties to close the loop of circular economy and finally the impacts plastic pollution.

But, above all, the collage encourage the participants to take action at home, school, work, etc..

Cards to raise Awareness about Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution

SUNGAI, a card game to play with the youngters

Jean-Philippe and Ségolène Monnet are not teachers at medium and high school but also board games designers, with already several to their credit: Cartaping, Cartabad, Meli Cado (all educational) and Artisans. Click on the logo below to access Cartaping's website (French).

When playing SUNGAI, the aim is to make a river of 10 cards, entirely clean from waste thanks to initiatives/facility cards.

Prepare for a playful atmosphere!

Kickoff of our program Seribu Biru

This project, sponsored by BNP Paribas and UOB (ex-Citi), aims to clean Untung Jawa's coastal waters and coastline, raise awareness among pupils, inhabitants and tourists.


  • decarbonised and cost/effective cleanups using the combination of our V1 trawl-net and Azura Indonesia electric engine

  • aiming zero waste to landfill with the support of our partners giving a second life to most of the marine plastics collected.


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