Three Challenges to tackle Marine Debris


    Reduce Plastic Consumption

    We all have a responsibility to protect our precious planet. We can and must make choices that reduce our plastic consumption and reduce our waste.

    Improve Solid Waste Management

    Solid Waste Management is mainly the responsibility of governments. There must be accountability and visibility for their decisions on regulations and law enforcement. With innovative solutions, companies and civil society support the centralised action of public authorities.

    Prevent plastic leakage
    in water bodies

    OceanKita is committed to aggregating the most cost-effective solutions to collect marine litter. We operate in all types of water bodies from rivers to coastal waters, clearing as much as possible before plastics start to degrade and spread.

In terms of influence on the climate and biodiversity, including pollution and the accumulation of waste, the influence of humans is the point of putting their own survival at stake.

But there is another way. Oceankita is working to reduce plastic pollution and marine litter. We believe that every action makes a difference, like the fable of the hummingbird fighting a forest fire:

“A forest fire was raging while the animals watched in shock, overwhelmed and unable to act. The tiny hummingbird raced to the stream and took a drop of water – back and forth it went, dropping water onto the flames. The other animals stood watching; the elephant with his large trunk, the toucan with his large beak and shouted ‘What do you think you can do? You are too little!’. The hummingbird, without stopping, turned to them and said, ‘I’m doing the best I can’.

We invite every one of you to be another hummingbird. We invite you to join the fight with OceanKita, support or partner with us.

We eat, drink, and breathe plastic...!

Plastics have penetrated the food chain

The water cycle: Meaning micro plastics are already everywhere.

Why we must also collect marine litter

We believe in an essential combination of actions
We too believe that the preventive measures can ultimately stop plastic pollution but it will take…decades.
By that time, plastic accumulation will so huge that the damages will be irreversible.
At OceanKita, we believe in a combination of actions. It is crucial we scale up an efficient collection to mitigate plastic leakage.
One Planet and One Ocean
There are NO BOUNDARIES for pollution, marine debris and climate change. These issues are not local issues. They are always global.

What We Do


We offer the most effective solutions to collect marine debris in all waters

All waters

3 sizes

Thomsea, trawl-nets


Easy collection

SEADS Blue Barriers

Delineated waters


Clearbot Marine robots

Up to 80% plastics eligible

Versatile and amazing end products

Boards from mixed plastics

Available S2/2022

All types of PE and PP

65% diesel, 15% gasoline

Plastic to fuel


We implement solutions to give value to plastics that have none

Recent Projects

Cleanup at Awang Bay with IIF

Training fishermen for Got Bag

Study at Cimandiri river with BRIN

The Faces of OceanKita


Co-founder and director of Sustenea. He has a technical background and is passionate about environmental issues and Southeast Asia.


Co-director of Sustenea, Agustina is a well-known figure of solid waste issues in Indonesia, as also the leader of World Cleanup Day.


She is our enthusiastic and highly involved OceanKita’s project manager. She is the essential link for the realisation of projects.


At the head of Sahabat Ciliwung Foundation, Dayat joined OceanKita’s team as our Chief Field Officer He is the one who gets wet!

Our top 6 Sustainable Development Goals


Decent Work & Economic Growth


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

SDG 11

Sustainable Cities & Communities

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption

SDG 13

Climate Change

SDG 14

Life below Water

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