"To learn is to have a project, to project oneself differently into the future."

-Philippe Meirieu-

Why collect Marine Debris is important

Some say that we should put all our efforts to dry up plastic pollution at source, suggesting that collecting unmanaged might not be so useful.

At OceanKita, we believe that we should do both in parallel. Upstream measures like adequate regulation and low enforcement, enhanced solid waste management with more budget, ban of single-use plastics, education and awareness and many more can indeed, ultimately, stop plastic pollution. But how many... decades will it take? How much plastics will accumulate in the meantime.

The truth is we cannot watch plastic leakage in the environment (especially waters) any more. Plastic particles not only kills fauna and flora, they have penetrated the food chain and the water cycle. Therefore, when we eat, drink or breathe, we ingest micro and nano particles that slowly but surely degrade our health.

Thus, we must withdraw as much as possible plastics that have reached gullies, rivers, lakes, ponds and seas. OceanKita catches hard to reach marine plastics.

What is a Plastic Collage and why it is so powerful